Wines by Region

Argentina & Chile

We are proud to carry over 20 red wines and many whites from this region. Some of our staples are Sensual Malbec @ $12.99, Catena Vista Flores Malbec @ $15.99 and Domaine Bousquet Grand Reserve @ $20.99.


We carry some delicious Shiraz from this area including Woop Woop @ $14.99 and “GSM’s” (Grenache, Shiraz, Mouvedre) starting @ $14.99.  We also many boutique wines from smaller wineries with delicious Cabernet’s and Chardonnay’s from this region. Many more…too numerous to mention.


We love this region.  We have wines from Central Coast, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Lodi, Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, and the Sierra Foothills.  With over 450 wines in the store, about 200 represent the state. These wines are ever-changing however, we start at only $12.99 for a great Cabernet and $14.99 for a Chardonnay. We also carry most of Orin Swift’s and the Wagner Family’s portfolios.


French wines are so varied but we pride ourselves in having all the different regions and price ranges for every budget.  We start at $15.99 for a Cotes du Rhone, $12.99 for Pinot Noir, and have a wonderful Grand Cru Bordeaux as low as $34.99. Don’t forget delicious Rose’s and Sancerre’s


Rieslings are always thought of as sweet.  We are happy to say that we have Trocken (dry) to ice wines (dessert wines).  We start as low as $11.99 for a basic delicious Riesling and work our way up the chart.  Don’t forget about Dornfelder, Gewurtztraminer, and German Pinot Noir.


We love the Italians and their taste in wine.  We have plenty of wines from Tuscany, starting as low as $12.99, and go all the way up to Brunello di Montalcino’s and powerful Super Tuscan’s.  On of our favorite Amarone’s is Cesari, always in stock at $50.99. We have wines from the South, as far as Sicily.  Try a Nero D’Avola or a full-bodied Primitivo at only $15.99.

New Zealand

This region is known for their Sauvignon Blanc’s, full of grapefruit and zest.  We always carry Ponga, a true value at $12.99.  We also have Babich Black Label, a well known value at $13.99. Again, we rotate our stock on a regular basis but you can always find about four others in stock from this region.


This region is known for their amazing Pinot Noir’s and Pinot Gris’. These wines are not the cheapest around but they do boast a clean and structured flavor on the palate.  Some of our favorites are Stoller @ $21.99,  and Lange @ $30.99. We have Ponzi Pinot Gris from Oregon starting at $17.99.

South Africa

South Africa is known for their bold earthy wines that are full of smoke and dark chocolate.  One of our favorites is The Grinder Pinotage and Barista, from $14.99.  We also have delicious blends from Stellenbosch and some light crispy Chenin Blanc’s from Mulderbosch for only $13.99.


Spanish wines follow the heritage of our great city, St. Augustine.  This region has some of the finest wines for the money.  We start as low as $10.99 on Garnacha, a tasty Tempranillo from Valencia, and go up to Rioja Reserva’s from $15.99.  One of our best sellers, Atteca Garnacha is only $17.99. We carry most of Jorge Ordonez’s portfolio, as well as many others.

Washington State

This region has some of the finest Cabernet’s and Merlot’s in the NE.  We especially enjoy many of Charles Smith’s portfolio with a Cabernet favorite, CS.  It is a fantastic wine at only $17.99.  We also carry Chateau St. Michele’s Borne of Fire Cabernet, a delicious wine at only $19.99. We have Merlot’s from this area from $12.99. This is another region we have a lot of and rotate often.


We love our bubbles.  You can never go wrong with a beautiful Prosecco from Italy, starting at $14.99, a Cava from Spain for only $10.99, and Champagne from $29.99.  We especially like the Blanc de Blanc Private Cuvee Bubbles from Gloria Ferrer, $19.99, and another favorite, Gruet de Noirs from New Mexico, only $18.99. Bubbles are great as an aperitif, dessert, or just because.